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Welcome to The Pet Behaviour Centre
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The Pet Behaviour Centre, Scotland

The Pet Behaviour Centre uses fully qualified trainers and behaviourists which ensures you get the best attention and only the most up to date methods are used to train you and your dog.

We also support and promote The Yellow Dog Project. For more information please visit:

  • Jumping up or uncontrollable
  • Chewing things he shouldn’t
  • Not coming back when called
  • Pulling on the lead and lunging at other dogs or people
  • Fighting with other dogs in the household or otherwise
  • Not yet housetrained
  • Mounting inappropriately
  • Unable to cope in your absence or with everyday life
  • Or just generally bad mannered

Using methods that are positive and sympathetic to how a dog learns and behaves naturally, we can help you to reform his current unwanted habits and make him a member of the family that you can be proud of.

The Pet Behaviour Centre can arrange a consultation at Going Mutts with one of its qualified behaviourists and trainers which usually lasts about two to two and a half hours. A careful assessment will be carried out which should determine the cause of the behaviour and what may be reinforcing it. A behaviour modification programme will then be advised and written up.

You may prefer our more bespoke service where we spend more time with you initially to witness you and your pet in situ and discus your requirements. A programme suitable and practical will be started on immediately. A second, shorter visit will then be arranged to monitor your progress and an extension will be added to the existing programme. Finally a third and shorter visit will be arranged to monitor progress and maintain the programme. You will have your own personal behaviourist for the time you need it. A written report will be provided to help you to follow the suggested programme. Please ring the centre to discuss this further.

All breeds of dog are accepted.

Prior to making an appointment, you may like to ask your veterinary surgeon to refer you to the Pet Behaviour Centre. This could necessary to eliminate any medical issues that may be the cause of your pet’s behaviour.

Emails requesting information about classes are welcome, we will send you our full information pack, however if you feel you have a behaviour problem that needs dealing with, please PHONE US or EMAIL us for help and phone consultations, we are here to help during these difficult times of Coronavirus.